Tablet PC Market in India 2011

Report Summary

Tablet PC market in India is a niche market that is quickly picking up the pace in terms of adoption. With growing numbers of affordable Tablets, popularity of the device amongst budget-sensitive consumers is expected to increase manifold. Portability & varied utility of the product will drive its adoption in the coming years. Business users also look to adopt Tablet PCs for business & operational usage.

The report begins with an introduction, presenting a retrospective of Tablet PC innovation over the years highlighting key events. It serves the purpose of showcasing the development & adoption trends over the years.

It is followed by market overview section indicating the growth of Tablet PC market in India, current global market & market share of Tablet PCs. Tablet PC adoption discuses use of Tablet PCs in different verticals. The various aspects consumers consider before buying are discussed in Tablet selection criteria. This section illuminates Tablet PCs' application in India with context to general consumer, business consumer, healthcare & education sector.

Next, details about key components of Tablet PC are elaborated to create a distinct idea about diverse internal & external elements used for different Tablet PC. The components include Processor, storage, display type, communication ports etc. It covers major components which are used to make budget Tablets to serve the basic needs of budget-sensitive consumers or high-end devices with more powerful configuration to serve premium consumers. 

The report continues with drivers & challenges section elaborating various furtherance & impediments for Tablet PC adoption in India. It illuminates the aspects making the market demand in India to rise & aspects that are believed to provide some barriers.
The section is followed by major Tablet players profiling the notable domestic & international companies offering Tablet PCs in India along with their prime Tablets & its specification. This section provides information about the companies such as company snapshot, business highlights covering Tablet related announcements & development. It also provides information regarding the companies' top & basic Tablet offering with details regarding configuration. The section also maps the players according to price of their Tablets & its features. It gives an overall idea about the brands providing Tablets with the degree of features at certain price range & positions them accordingly.

In the next section, various future trends related to Tablet PC configuration, adoption & launch announcements are mentioned. It illuminates various domestic & foreign companies coming up with newer devices, the newer Tablet components companies are adopting for increasing performance or reducing device cost etc.

It is followed by the section Strategic Recommendation which is derived after a comprehensive analysis of market & the device.
The report concludes with an appendix section covering Tablet PCs in India with specifications & price. It indexes most of the domestic & foreign Tablet PCs available in India.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2-3: Tablet PC Innovation Trend
Market Overview
Page 4: Tablet PC Market Overview - Market size in India, global market size, market share of Tablets
Page 5: Tablet PC Adoption - Tablet PC adoption in various verticals & its utility in the respective verticals
Page 6: Tablet Selection Criteria - Deciding factors for Tablet PC selection
Key Components of Tablet PC
Page 7-12:  Differential Operating Systems, display screens, data storages, ports, communication and other internal & external components of Tablet PCs
Drivers & Challenges
Page 13: Drivers & Challenges - Summary
Page 14-18: Drivers
Page 19: Challenges 
Major Tablet PC Players 
Page 20: Tablet PC Players- Summary
Page 21: Brand Mapping - Positioning of Tablet players in terms of features & price
Page 22-33: Domestic Players
Page 34-45: Foreign Players
Future Trends
Page 46: Future Trends - Trends related to new Tablet launch, components & adoption
Strategic Recommendation
Page 47-48: Strategic Recommendations
Appendix: Specifications of Tablet PC
Page 49-52: Specifications of Tablets PCs in India - Price & configuration of various Tablet PCs available in India