Online Retail Market in China 2011

Report Summary

The Chinese online retail market is one of the most booming sectors of it's economy today. Internet transactions are on a rise thanks to an increasing affluent population complemented by the rising popularity of the internet. The Online Retail Market in China is therefore characterized by high expected growth rates in future.

The report provides an insight into the online retail market in China, commencing with a market overview section highlighting the market size and penetration followed by the B2C and C2C market segmentation. The C2C segment being largely unorganized is found to have far fewer dominant players than its B2C counterpart. 

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth namely increasing internet use, improved e-Payment services, rising disposable income, rise in mobile commerce, and benefits to both consumers and retailers from online format over the conventional brick and mortar retail format. Key challenges include China's logistics problems, large counterfeit market and psychological barrier to online shopping.

The trends section elaborates the increase in B2C business, geographical spread of online shopping, creation of internal logistics network chains by existing players, young, female centric consumer base, group shopping, more and more traditional retailers opting for online stores, bias towards domestic firms, and role of social media in online transactions.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry and includes profiles of the major players in the market including their financials. Key takeaways including initiatives taken by the government of China amidst opportunities and challenges also forms part of the report.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Market Overview
Page 2: Online Retail Market-Overview, Size and Growth (2011-2015e)
Market Segmentation
Page 3: B2C Online retail
Page 4: C2C Online retail
Drivers & Challenges
Page 5: Summary 
Page 6-10: Drivers
Page 11-12: Challenges
Page 13: Summary
Page 14-18: Trends
Government Regulations
Page 19: Online Retail Regulations
Page 20-22: Snapshot of Foreign Players 
Page 23: Domestic Competition-Summary
Page 24-33: Snapshot of Domestic Players
Key Takeaways
Page 34: Key takeaways