Nanotechnology Market in India 2012

Report Summary

Nanotechnology refers the applied part of nano science including the engineering to control, manipulate and structure the matter at an unimaginably small scale. Nanotechnology is still in a developing phase in India. With growing awareness and large amount of research and development dedicated towards Nanotechnology, the future seems bright for the same in the country. Possibilities with Nanotechnology applications are unlimited. Modification or alteration at the molecular level of an object can lead not only to superior quality, strength, and mobility but also invention of newer elements which could not be created earlier.

The report begins with ?Introduction' section covering overview of Nanotechnology which provides basic idea of the technology and brief details regarding the progress or advancement of the technology. The section also contains Nanotechnology value chain.

The ?Nanotechnology Overview' section elaborates global & domestic market state of Nanotechnology. It is accompanied by a plethora of qualitative and statistical information regarding the state of nanotech in major continents and countries including India, such as funding, specific focus areas and other related information. Also major Indian companies already utilizing Nanotech has been mentioned in the section along with major ongoing Nanotechnology research subjects. A lot of time and money is being invested to understand the basic and synthesized properties of various Nanomaterials for proper utilization in various fields and areas in the industries.

It is followed by ?Drivers & Challenges' section elaborating the major furtherance & impediments for Nanotechnology sector in India market in India. Both the ?drivers' and 'challenges' are equally stressed upon to provide clear idea regarding the probable obstacles and rewards in the line of business and help vendors take necessary measures. High costs of Nanomaterials followed by dearth of skilled manpower are the major challenges Nanotechnology sector faces in India. With the large number of investment coming in and academic courses being offered specific to Nanotech, the challenges can be overcome.

The report continues with ?Market Opportunity' section where potential verticals for Nanotechnology in India are elaborated. The section begins with a SWOT analysis of the Nanotechnology market in India. In the latter part of the section, specific verticals have been highlighted with information regarding each of their market state and opportunity areas for Nanotechnology. The section also consists of information regarding relevant Nanotechnology related research being carried out for each vertical.

Next the recent developments and prominent trends in the market are illuminated under ?Market Trends' section.

In the ?Nanotechnology Player Profiles' section, the key Nanotechnology service providers are profiled. It provides information such as corporate & business highlights covering operational & recent information regarding each company's contact information, location, key product and service offerings and key contacts. It also provides financial performance for a period of time including revenue and profit, key ratios, financial summary and key financial performance indicators. Key business segment and key geographic segment for each player are provided as well to provide further clear idea regarding the companies.

The report concludes with the section ?Strategic Recommendation' which is derived after a comprehensive analysis of the market state & scope. It suggests key strategic moves which can help enhance and accelerate adopting of Nanotechnology in India. Nanotechnology application in the field of agriculture and healthcare is likely to attract active participation from the government and investors.  For other verticals, building awareness in the country is most essential at this stage. Building awareness regarding Nanotechnology and promoting its adoption must go hand-in-hand.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive summary
Page 2: Nanotechnology Overview
Page 3: Nanotechnology Value Chain
Market Overview
Page 4-7: Global Market - Overview, Market Size & Growth (2011-2015e), State of Nanotechnology in major continents, State of Nanotechnology in key countries
Page 8-10: India Market Overview - Overview, Nanotechnology Funding Growth (2010-2015e), Major Indian Companies Using Nanotechnology, Major Ongoing Nanotechnology Research in India
Drivers & Challenges
Page 11: Summary
Page 12-15: Drivers
Page 16: Challenges
Market Opportunity
Page 17-21: SWOT Analysis of Nanotechnology Market in India, Potential Verticals
Market Trends
Page 22: Nanotechnology developments and trends
Nanotechnology Player Profile
Page 23-37: Major Private Players
Strategic Recommendation
Page 38: Strategic Recommendations
Page 39: Appendix
Page 40: Sources of Information