Interactive Whiteboard Market India 2012

Report Summary

Interactive whiteboards have managed to find wide acceptance amongst the education and enterprises segment in India. The need for innovative teaching and faster means of collaboration is mainly driving the IWB adoption amongst education and enterprises respectively. Education sector with holds the lion's share in the market and hence players have shaped their offerings in a manner wherein educational institutes can avail complete packages of classroom solutions. On the other hand, the enterprise segment is slowly showing a growing inclination towards interactive whiteboards. All together, the market is poised for a steady growth in the years to come, from its current nascent stage.
The report begins with the introduction section which defines the scope of the market followed by the market overview section, wherein a brief snapshot of the market, competition and drivers & challenges are provided. The section continues with a quantitative snapshot of the market share of education and enterprise segments along with a brief description of each of the same. A SWOT analysis on the Indian interactive whiteboard market further provides a consolidated view for a better understanding.
Consumer demands section mainly talks about the various considerations, opinions and methodology followed by users prior to the purchase of interactive whiteboards. The section will be particularly useful for vendors preparing to pitch their products in the market. Apart from a general information about user considerations, a detailed list of the most desirable features for the education and enterprise consumers have been furnished separately. The section is immediately followed by a section on cost benefits, which features a graphical representation distinguishing the cost benefits of interactive whiteboards as against traditional whiteboards.
An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the interactive whiteboard market. Demand for interactive whiteboard is expected to increase with growth in education sector, growth in enterprise connectivity market, government initiatives and benefits from interactive whiteboards. The key challenges include the training requirement for users and poor & un-reliable infrastructure.
User perspective section in the report has been derived after a thorough research done on the current users of interactive whiteboards. Important aspects such as views pertaining to interactive whiteboards, issues or preferences pertaining to upgradation of software or hardware and concerns on the interactive whiteboards have been studied in detail so as to provide an overall verdict of users regarding the interactive whiteboards. The section can be effectively used by vendors to implement strategic initiatives in order to enhance their product offerings. The section also lists a potential customer base for vendors which can be used for efficient lead generation.
Competition section has been profiled in details within the report which enables readers to get a clear picture of the current competitive scenario. The section lists the basic details of the players such as corporate information, business highlights and key members. The section also features financial analysis of key vendors which in turn provides us with the financial health of players.
Solution providers section basically features brief company profiles of some of the major educational solution providers in India, wherein it furnishes details pertaining to their market share and product offerings for the Indian education sector. It also provides their basic details and financial information.
The report concludes with a section on strategic recommendations which comprises an analysis of the growth strategies for the interactive whiteboard market in India. The section explains individual strategies which can be considered by vendors to generate better sales.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive summary
Slide 2: Interactive Whiteboard Market Scope
Market Overview
Slide 3: Interactive Whiteboard Market India Snapshot - Overview, Drivers, Challenges and Competition 
Slide 4: Interactive Whiteboards - Market Scenario, Market Size & Growth (2011- 2015e), Market Split (2011), Education Sector Snapshot and Enterprise Sector Snapshot
Slide 5: Interactive Whiteboard Market India - SWOT Analysis
Consumer Demand
Slide 6: Interactive Whiteboard Procurement - User Considerations
Slide 7-8: Other Products in Demand - Education Sector
Slide 9: Other Products in Demand - Enterprise Segment
Cost Benefit
Slide 10: Cost Benefit Comparison - Interactive Whiteboards Vs. Traditional Whiteboards
Drivers and Challenges
Slide 11: Drivers Summary
Slide 12-23: Drivers
Slide 24: Challenges Summary
Slide 25-27: Challenges
User Perspective
Slide 28: Interactive Whiteboard Users - Views and Opinions
Slide 29-39: Potential Customer Base
Slide 40: Major Public Companies: Summary
Slide 32-52: Major Public Companies
Slide 53: Major Private Companies: Summary          
Slide 54-68: Major Private Companies
Solution Providers - Education Sector
Slide 69: Key Solution Providers India - Market Share and Major Solutions Available
Slide 70-81 : Major Solution Providers
Strategic Recommendations
Slide 82: Strategic Recommendation - Marketing
Slide 83 : Strategic Recommendation - Education Sector
Slide 84 : Strategic Recommendation - Enterprise Segment
Slide 85: Appendix
Slide 86: Sources of Information