IT Landscape of Insurance Players in India 2012

Report Summary

IT landscape seen amongst insurers in India exhibit a typical trend wherein they primarily tend to focus more on tools, solutions and services which can cater to the needs of growing customer base, offer better and enhanced customer service, enhance their market reach and generate a seam less flow of data and information within the company.

The report begins with a snapshot of the insurance industry which briefs about the facts and figures of insurers operating in India. It lists down the number of insurers operating in the sector along with the segmentation of public and private insurers. Hierarchy of the Indian insurance industry is well illustrated for which gives a brief highlight about the operational model of the industry. It also enlists the primary drivers and challenges for the overall insurance industry. Primary reasons to propel the market forward comprises of young consumer segment, wide range of products, technological advancement and growing middle class, whereas the basic challenges faced by the sector are the tight premium rates and dependence on overseas re-insurers.

Moving along the report features a section on IT landscape of Indian insurers. The section talks about the IT infrastructure of all insurance companies viz. General Insurers, Life Insurers and Health Insurers operating in India. Technology implementation portion in this segment lists down all existing IT infrastructure in great detail. It primarily elaborates on the type of requirements, solutions adopted and the benefits realized thereafter. The section also features a sales intelligence section which enlists the relevant key point of contact of the respective organizations.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive summary
Insurance Industry - Snapshot
Page 2: Indian Insurers - History 
Page 3: Insurance Industry - Snapshot (India), Registered Insurers - India (2011), Life and Non-Life Insurance Market Share (2009-10 & 2010-11)
Page 4: Insurance Industry Hierarchy - Illustration
Page 5: Insurance Industry - Drivers
Page 6: Insurance Industry - Challenges
ICT Landscape - Indian Insurers 
Page 7-302: Indian Insurance Players - General Insurers, Life Insurers and Health Insurers (Corporate Information, Business Highlights, Products and Services, ICT Implemented and Sales Intelligence)