IPTV Market in India 2011

Report Summary

The IPTV market in India was valued at INR 80 mn in 2010 and is estimated to grow strongly. In 2010, IPTV accounted for 0.5% of the total pay TV subscriber base, indicating huge scope for expansion. High demand for interactive and customized digital TV services will provide strong growth avenues to the IPTV market. Increasing role of the government to increase broadband penetration in India and reducing costs of IPTV services will also drive the market.

The report begins with an introduction to IPTV and its various applications. It also includes IPTV architecture which comprises mainly of various IPTV components likes content aggregator, managed IP network, broadband access network, and in-home network. The IPTV value chain is also provided, showing the various activities handled by the equipment and technology providers, network and service providers, and customer.

This is followed by the market overview section which begins with an insight into the global IPTV market, its size and growth, and total number of IPTV subscribers. It moves on to the Indian IPTV market, its size and growth, total number of subscribers and average revenue per user (ARPU) of IPTV. Interactive applications will play an important role in the future adoption of IPTV and higher demand for them will drive this market in India. Technological innovation and distinct applications offered by IPTV services will drive this market in the future and help it invade into the cable and DTH space. 

An analysis of the market characteristics explains the factors for growth of the industry and its key challenges including robust television industry, broadband penetration, cost structure, physical infrastructure and competitive environment. Strong opportunity exists in the market as cost of IPTV services is reducing. This coupled with the fact that the television industry is growing and the trend towards interactive and customized services, will lead to a developing market. However, India lacks the physical infrastructure for IPTV systems, not providing the necessary accessibility to consumers. Stiff competition from existing players like digital cable and DTH also creates a major hurdle for this market.

This is followed by a section on government regulation which includes provisioning of IPTV services, content regulation, down-linking policy, FDI ceiling and tariff regulations. The future outlook section provides an insight into the future prospects of the market and includes wireless IPTV, customization of services and interactivity. With the launch of 3G and WiMAX technology in India, wireless IPTV also called 'Quadruple Play', will bring about a huge change in the IPTV market. Additionally, interactive applications and technological innovations in this market will help IPTV to score better than digital cable or DTH players in future.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry and includes a detailed profile of the major IPTV service providers, domestic and foreign vendors in the market. The report concludes with a section on strategic recommendations which comprises of an analysis of the growth strategies of the IPTV market in India.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive summary
Page 2: Introduction
Page 3: Architecture
Page 4: Value Chain
Market Overview
Page 5: Global IPTV Market - Overview, Growth (2009-2013e); Global IPTV Subscribers - Growth (2009-2013e)
Page 6: IPTV Market in India - Overview, Growth (2010-2015e)
Page 7: IPTV Subscribers - Overview, Growth (2010-2015e); Average Revenue per User (ARPU) - Growth (2010-2015e)
Market Characteristics
Page 8: Summary
Page 9: Robust Television Industry
Page 10: Broadband Penetration
Page 11: Cost Structure
Page 12: Physical Infrastructure
Page 13: Competitive Environment 
Government Regulations
Page 14: Summary
Page 15: Provisioning of IPTV Services
Page 16: Content Regulation
Page 17: Down-linking Policy
Page 18: FDI Ceiling
Page 19: Tariff Regulations
Future Outlook
Page 20: Wireless IPTV; Customization of Services; Interactivity
Page 21-25: IPTV Subscription Plans
Page 26-28: IPTV Service Providers
Page 29: Expected Entrant
Page 30-31: Domestic Vendors
Page 32-37 : Foreign Vendors
Strategic Recommendations
Page 38: Strategic Recommendations