ICT in Retail in India 2011

Report Summary

ICT in retail comprises of the implementation of various IT tools / applications which facilitate better and faster retailing. The market size was estimated to be valued at INR 190.89 bn in 2010. Rapid growth in retailing and increased trade activities will drive the ICT adoption in retail sector in India.
The report begins with a background study about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its requirement in the retail sector, an overview of the retail sector in India indicating its contribution to the GDP, illustrations of the market size and growth figures and market segmentation. It also elaborates the importance of rural retail sector along with details about current and estimated market size figures followed by an explanation of the key drivers and challenges faced by the overall retail sector. It also features a brief description about Small and Medium Businesses in retail sector explaining their contribution towards the growth of Indian economy.  
ICT adoption in retail section provides detailed information about the Information Technology (IT) industry in India as a whole followed by the IT market scenario within the retail sector outlining the share of retail within IT industry and the IT spending pattern of retail players. It further explains the factors influencing IT adoption in retail including increased operational efficiency, favorable demographics, Government initiatives and availability of skilled manpower. Key challenges identified for the IT adoption in retail includes high cost. It further discusses the selection criteria of ICT tools / applications for retailers followed by a brief description of the key ICT solutions commonly used in retail sector. This section also features a vendor's opportunity segment wherein it provides a clear idea about the type of ICT tools / applications used in various retailing formats.
The report also features role of cloud in retail section which describes the overall cloud market in India and the use of cloud technology in retail sector illustrating the implementation model. It also discusses about the trends followed by retailers to implement key Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and the key Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) providing these solutions to retail players.
ICT vendors section provides brief profiles of the major domestic and foreign players in the market. It features snapshots of their corporation, financial performance and their business highlights, giving an insight about the existing competitive scenario. It is followed by a section on case study which lists down some major case studies wherein IT implementation by retail players in India has been highlighted.
The report ends with a sales intelligence section which provides insight about the key IT applications used by retail players. It also features key contacts of the retail company. It is immediately followed by an appendix listing the key established players in the Indian retail sector which comprises of the snapshots about their financial performance and business highlights.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Retail Sector Overview
Page 2: Background - Introduction to ICT, Need for ICT in retail sector  
Page 3: Retail Sector - Overview, Market Size and Growth (2010 - 2014e), Market Segmentation of Retail (2010)
Page 4: Rural Retail - Overview, Market Size and Expected Figures for 2015
Page 5-6: Key Players - Rural Retail
Driver and Challenges
Page 7: Drivers
Page 8: Challenges
SMBs in Retail
Page 9: SMBs / SMEs in Retail - Overview, Share of SMBs / SMEs in Retail
Page 10: Retail SMBs - IT Adoption Trends
ICT Adoption in Retail
Page 11: IT Sector - Overview, Market Size, Components of ICT    
Page 12-13: IT in Retail - Overview, Spending Pattern, Share of Retail in IT industry (2010)
Page 14: ICT Need Assessment
Factors Influencing ICT Adoption
Page 15: Summary
Page 16-19: Drivers
Page 20: Challenges
ICT Solutions and Selection Criteria
Page 21: IT Selection Criteria
Page 22-25: IT / ICT Solutions
Page 26: Mapping of ICT Solutions based on their Availability and Popularity
Vendor Opportunity
Page 27-28: Description of Retail Formats and Key ICT Solutions used
Role of Cloud in Retail
Page 29: Summary
Page 30: Cloud Computing in India - Overview, Market Size and Growth Figures (2009-2013e), Types of Cloud Computing
Page 31: Cloud Computing in Retail - Overview, Illustrations of Use of Cloud in Retail
Page 32: Major SaaS Applications
Page 33: Major Cloud Based ISVs
Major ICT Vendors
Page 34-35: Key IT / ICT Vendors - Retail Solutions
Page 36-61: Domestic and Foreign Players in the Market
Some Recently Launched Solutions
Page 62-63: Recently Launched Retail Solutions in India
Case Studies
Page 64-68: Case Studies
Sales Intelligence
Page 69-76: Retail Players - Insights
Appendix - Retail Players Profiles
Page 78-87: Players in the Market