Education Market in China 2011

Report Summary

Education market in China is pegged at USD 240 bn in 2009 and is estimated to grow at 15%. Awareness about education in China along with huge support from the government in the form of investments will help in developing the market. The market has seen investments from private as well as from multinational companies in the recent past and is expected to attract further investments. 

The report begins with a brief of the overall education and private education market in China and provides the market size and growth figures as well as market segmentation. It also includes information regarding the various types of education, such as post secondary, English language, tutoring and test preparation provided under private education in China. 

An analysis of drivers explain factors contributing to the growth of the education market including increasing per capita income, high returns on education, education related to high cultural values, favorable demographics and urbanization. The key challenge identified is unexpected government regulation, intensifying competition and larger class sizes, and increasing students going overseas. 

The Government has played a vital role in the development of the education system in China. The report gives an insight into the investments and initiatives being carried out by the Chinese government. It also talks about the government structure in the form of rules and regulation for governing the education system in China.

Competition section provides brief profiles of major players in the market. The section contains a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance and business highlights, providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Education Market - Overview, Marker Size and Growth (2009-2014e), Segmented Share of Household Expenditure (2008)
Page 3: Private Education - Overview, Marker Size and Growth (2009-2014e),  Market Segmentation (2009 and 2014e), Student Enrolled into Private Education (2009e)
Page 4:  Private Post Secondary - Overview, Marker Size and Growth (2009-2014e), Number of Private Post Secondary Institutes (2004-2008), Eligible Population vs. Gross Enrolment (China, India, and USA)
Page 5: English Language Education - Overview, Marker Size and Growth (2009-2014e), Earning Through English Qualification, Number of IELTS Test Taker (2005-2009)
Page 6: Tutoring and Test Preparation - Overview, Marker Size and Growth (2009-2014e), Number of Student in All-subject Training (2005-2010e), China Age Distribution (2010)
Drivers and Challenges
Page 7: Summary
Page 8-12: Drivers
Page 13-14: Challenges
Government Regulation
Page 15-16: Government Initiative - Investment (2009-2010), Key Education Initiatives
Page 17: Government Structure 
Page 18: Education Products Matrix  
Page 19-33: Major Players in the Market 
Page 34: Initial Public Offering  
Page 35-40: Other Transactions
Page 41-43: Laws and regulations related to education in China issued by various Chinese governments