E-Governance Market in India 2011

Report Summary

E-governance is at its nascent stage in India with strong potential for growth in the future. The Information Technology (IT) industry is expected to be the major industry that stands to benefit. Government spending on IT is rapidly increasing which opens newer opportunities for the players in the IT space. It also provides growth prospects to various industries which are likely to benefit from the e-governance plan. The ongoing projects and the ones in the implementation stage are also set to offer greater exposure to the players in this space. Rise in demand for services and information by consumers across the nation has fostered the need for fast and smooth transfer of knowledge. 

The report begins with the market overview section which provides a highlight of the e-governance market in India. It depicts the IT spending of the government and its segmentation according to the sectors. This is followed by the section that provides information on the e-governance structure in India and shows the segmented structure of the market. It includes a clear description of the plans implemented in India and the region-wise progress of the initiatives. The core infrastructure requirements for the national e-governance plan have also been highlighted. 

The issues related to the implementation of the various plans have been included. A brief description of the opportunities for the various sectors which stand to benefit from the successful implementation and growth of e-governance in India are provided. This is followed by the project list of the various Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) that are either in the implementation stage or have been implemented. The developments that will result owing to these projects have also been analyzed. 

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the market. It includes a brief profile of the major domestic and foreign players in the market including their financials.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive summary
Market Overview
Page 2-3: e-Governance - Overview, IT Spending by Indian Government (2005-09), Share of IT Spending by Government    
e-Governance Structure
Page 4-5 : National e-Governance Plan - Segmentation, Description 
Page 6-8: Description and Implementation (Region-wise) Status of Common Services Centres, State Wide Area Network, State Data Centre
Implementation Issues
Page 9-12: Issues with Implementation
Investment Opportunity    
Page 13-15: Sectors and Industries - Overview and Scale of opportunity    
Project Status
Page 16-31: MMPs Project Implemented
Page 32-38: Domestic Players in the Market     
Page 39-40: Foreign Players in the Market