Cloud Computing Market in China 2014

Report Summary

Netscribes' latest market research report titled Cloud Computing Market in China 2014 captures the current scenario of the Cloud Computing Market in China. Government initiatives and investments coupled with major foreign players entering into strategic partnerships with the domestic vendor is propelling the market in China. Additionally, dramatic cost reduction along with increased speed and flexibility and widespread use of internet is helping the cloud industry to grow significantly. As the cloud market in China is still in the growth stage, major foreign players like IBM and Microsoft are aiming to capture a lion's share of the market.
Increased investment by the Chinese government and increased inflow of cloud-related venture capital funds are further contributing to the growth of this industry. The Chinese government's 12th 5-year plan includes investing significantly in creating new cloud platforms, and building and deployment of cloud datacenters across the country. China has jumped on cloud computing bandwagon as it makes way for huge developments in cloud computing aimed at servicing government and industry needs. In most cases China is also looking to boost its own complete data center supply chain with regional hubs creating local product and service delivery methods. 
China's cloud computing market, however, is faced with many challenges. Concerns for data sovereignty and privacy, cloud reliability and after-sales service, bandwidth issue, among others are preventing Chinese users from using cloud services more widely. Currently the market size of the cloud industry in China is around 3 percent of the global cloud market.
The cloud computing industry has sensed the need for mobile cloud owing to the rapid growth of mobile devices applications in China. Also, the industry is witnessing a shift in trend towards hybrid cloud which combines the benefits of both public and private cloud. Though China's market is lagging behind that of the US and the UK, the future of cloud computing in China looks good as the government is working hard on product and service innovations, data security and privacy protection and encouraging more customers to use cloud service.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary

Slide 2: Cloud Computing Market - Introduction 
Slide 3: Evolution of Cloud Computing
Slide 4-5: Traditional IT Ecosystem vs. Cloud Ecosystem
Slide 6: Structure of Cloud Computing
Slide 7: Cloud computing - Categories
Slide 8: Cloud service products - China
Slide 9: Types of deployment of cloud computing
Slide 10: Characteristics and type of cloud computing
Slide 11: Demand and supply model of cloud services

Market Overview
Slide 12: Cloud Computing Market Overview - China, Cloud Computing Market Size - China (2013 - 2018e) 
Slide 13: Cloud Computing among Chinese SME's
Slide 14: Cloud Computing Deployment - China  
Slide 15: Cloud Computing Hubs of China        
Slide 16-17: Investments in new projects in China 
Slide 18: Cloud Storage Plans - Key Foreign Vendors
Slide 19-20: Cloud Computing Data Centers - China
Slide 21: Upcoming Data Centers - China
Slide 22: Cloud Readiness Index 2011 and 2012 - China

Cloud Computing - Pros and Cons
Slide 23-24: Cloud Computing Pros
Slide 25-26: Cloud Computing Cons
Slide 27: Popularity of ERP and CRM cloud solutions

Initial Opportunities for Using Cloud
Slide 28-29: Initial Opportunities

Direct Investment Scenario
Slide 30: Direct Investments Scenario - Summary
Slide 31-36: Direct Investments Scenario - Major Public Companies

Drivers and Challenges 
Slide 37: Drivers and Challenges - Summary 
Slide 38-47: Drivers 
Slide 48-51: Challenges

Government Initiatives
Slide 52: Initiatives Taken by Chinese Government
Slide 53: Pilot Projects Bases for Cloud Computing
Slide 54: Initiatives by Local Government
Slide 55: Cloud Computing Projects
Slide 56-57: Version 1.0 

Slide 58: Summary
Slide 59-66: Trends

Slide 67: Partnerships on Cloud Computing in China during 2012-13

Mergers and Acquisitions
Slide 68-73: Mergers and Acquisitions (2012-2013)
Competitive Landscape
Slide 74: Porter's Five Analysis
Slide 75-78: Competitive Benchmarking (FY 2013)
Slide 79-102: Major Public Companies
Slide 103-120: Major Private Companies
Slide 121-122: Other leading cloud service providers in China

Strategic Recommendations
Slide 123-124: Strategic Recommendations 

Slide 125: Key Ratios Description
Slide 126: Sources of Information