3G Market in India 2011

Report Summary

Third generation network technology or 3G adoption in India is rapidly growing with the rising demand for content rich applications & cellular services amongst the country's enormous wireless subscriber base. The huge scope of opportunities in business, healthcare & education sectors will further enhance its adoption in the ensuing future.

The report begins with an introduction section comprising brief description of 3G, its technologies & 3.5G. It also features a comparative study across cellular technologies including 2G, 3G, 3.5G & 4G. Then the cellular network evolution section covers a retrospective of key cellular network technologies & events over the years. The section also shows a basic 3G infrastructure for the understanding of how it works. The section ends with features of 3G which describes key distinctive features of third generation network.

It is followed by market overview section indicating the growth of overall cellular market in India, current & predicted 3G market with rural & urban breakup. It also provides an overview of 3G spectrum auction held in India in 2010 with spectrum earnings & auction norms.

Next section elaborates the scopes of 3G in India with expected sales figure of value added service (VAS) & forecasted usage of 3G. It also enlightens the scopes of 3G in enterprise & SMBs, healthcare and education sector. Then 3G hardware such as 3G USB modem, 3G Router etc & compatible devices, mobile smartphones & Tablets are briefly discussed.

The report continues with drivers & challenges section elaborating various furtherance & impediments for 3G adoption in India.

The section is followed by the 3G telecom players section profiling the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) authorized 3G service providers in India. It provides with each of the companies' corporate & 3G spectrum information, rural-urban subscriber breakup, 3G products etc.

Next, key trends related to third generation network technology are mentioned.

It is followed by the section strategic recommendation, which is derived after a comprehensive analysis of market & its future potential.

Table of content

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: What is 3G, 3G Technologies
Page 3: 3.5G - Mobile Broadband Technology
Page 4: Cellular Technologies Comparison
Page 5: Cellular Network Evolution
Page 6: Basic 3G Infrastructure
Page 7: Features of 3G
Market Overview
Page 9: Market Overview - Market size in India, revenue from 3G, overall wireless subscriber market, rural-urban breakup of wireless subscribers
Page 10: 3G Spectrum Auction - Details of the spectrum auction, major circle wise bid amount & 3G auction norms
Scope of 3G in India
Page 11-12: Opportunities of 3G services, usage forecast, scope in enterprises, SMBs, education & healthcare sector
Page 13: 3G Hardware Products
Page 14: 3G Compatible Devices
Drivers & Challenges
Page 15: Drivers & Challenges - Summary
Page 16-19: Drivers
Page 20: Challenges 
3G Telecom Players 
Page 21: 3G Telecom Players in India - Summary
Page 22-30: 3G Telecom Players
Key Trends
Page 31-32: Key Trends - Trends related to 3G product & services in India
Strategic Recommendation
Page 33-34: Strategic Recommendations
Appendix: Circle wise 3G spectrum license of players
Page 35: Circle wise 3G spectrum license of players