Privacy Policy

  • Market Research Inc provides seamless market intelligence services. Our publications are valuable documents formulated using original and valuable information. This discreet information is made available to different entities; individuals or organizations. Any reproduction, disclosure, or presentation of the information shared with a third party, is not permissible.
  • Quantitative information is principally based on interviews and interactions, therefore is subject to variation.
  • Market Research Inc cannot be held liable for incorrect information furnished by manufactures or users. 
  • No part of this information service may be presented, rented, resold or disclosed to non-customers without written permission from Market Research Inc.
  • Contents and analysis presented in our reports cannot be altered, imitated, reproduced, reconstructed, circulated, uploaded, posted or transferred in any form or state without a written consent from Market Research Inc.
  • Third party market research services: We use other research firms to help us undertake our market research services. These firms have their own websites and apps, and have their own privacy and cookies policies which apply to visitors to their websites and users of their apps.
  • The above Privacy Policy is subject to change as per the discretion and need of Market Research Inc The policy may be partially or selectively revised. The revised policy will be on the site. Please watch this space to keep yourself acquainted with any changes thus devised.